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We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how Dr. Howell has helped them. Here are some of our favorites:

I have a privilege to be a patient of Dr. Shawn Howell for more than 6 years. She is a world class cardio specialist. In my opinion, Dr. Howell is extremely well educated, efficient and an excellent example of what the medical doctor of XXI century should be. At the same time, Dr. Howell is a very good listener with a personal approach to every patient. She always has sincere interest in my health issues. Dr. Howell’s commitment to availability and accessibility deserves admiration. She replies, she answers e-mails, she returns phone calls. I know that her team is always ready to help. I have a peace of mind that I am receiving the best health care. I will highly recommend her to any of my friends from all over the world. And yes, if my sons need to see cardiologist, I will contact Dr. Shawn Howell immediately.

— Olga Jones Silver Spring, Maryland

“Dr. Howell is a fantastic interventional cardiologist, whom my patients absolutely trust and adore. Her clinical skills and knowledge are great and her bedside manner and personality have made my patients and staff feel very comfortable.

Most cardiologists know that heart disease in women has several different presentations; however, Dr. Howell has detected silent heart disease that was missed by other cardiologists in two of my women patients. I am grateful to her for saving their lives.

Dr. Howell embodies all the characteristics that make a cardiologist great: sharp intellectual and clinical skills, attentiveness, and compassion. I am thankful to have Dr. Howell as a colleague and referring physician. She truly is one of the best in the DC metropolitan area.”

— Angela Marshall, MD, Comprehensive Women’s Health, Internal Medicine

“Dr. Howell has been my cardiologist for nearly three years. It has been easy to get appointments or information when needed. I feel that she listens to my needs and answers my questions while being a true professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends.”

— Rosalie Marley, Maryland

Dr. Howell always takes the time to listen and respond to my concerns, to answer my questions. I have the utmost trust, respect and confidence in her, not only for her knowledge, judgment, and skill as a cardiologist, but for her patience, humility, her kindness.”

— Marcia Baggott, Virginia

“Dr. Howell is a highly trained professional who demonstrates a continuing interest in her patients. Her patience and willingness to listen and her tenacity in establishing high standards are awesome.

She is very committed to her patients and is determined that they receive the very best medical care and assistance in finding a solution to their health issues. I am amazed at her availability and immediate response to the needs of her patients.

— Veronica Jordan, Maryland

“Over the past several years, I have undergone more than a few heart catheterizations due to coronary artery disease. Two years ago, I became a patient of Dr. Shawn Howell. During my initial visit with Dr. Howell, I found her to be efficient and informative. Dr. Howell conveyed a sincere interest in my well-being and provided me with the most current and up to date information as it pertained to my situation.

Equally important to me is Dr. Howell’s commitment to availability and accessibility. Dr. Howell returned calls promptly regardless of the day or time, made follow-up calls after any procedure, and has even contacted me in a timely manner, although she was out of town. I am confident that in her care, I am receiving the best medical care.”

— The Ruckers, Maryland

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